Costa Rica- Kingdom of the Netherlands bilateral relations

The bilateral relations of Costa Rica with the Netherlands are strong and deep. The year 2022 will mark 170 years of diplomatic relations. The strong commercial and investment ties, as well as the shared vision on human rights, gender, the fight against climate change and sustainable development, are the bases of this deep relationship. Some examples of this support have taken the form of initiatives such as the “Shelter City” Program and the “NDC Partnership”.

My father’s family descended from Huguenots in France, who were persecuted and fled to the Netherlands, and ended up settling in the Island of Aruba. Because of his background, my father established close ties with the Kingdom and visited on many occasions and this makes living in the Netherlands quite special for me.  

Regarding legal matters, Costa Rica and the Netherlands jointly promote the implementation of the “Agreement on Cooperation for the Suppression of Illicit Maritime and Air Traffic of Psychotropic Substances in the Caribbean Area” or the San José Agreement, of which Costa Rica is the depositary. There is also a memorandum signed in 2015, which strengthens commercial relations, investments and innovation in the areas of logistics and infrastructure, agriculture, energy, sustainability and entrepreneurship, among others. There are also Memorandum of Understanding between APM Terminals and COMEX-PROCOMER (2017), the between Costa Rica and the Port of Amsterdam (2017), and the between the diplomatic academies (2016).

Furthermore, the direct flight from Amsterdam to San José and Liberia airports between the months of October and March has contributed to further boost tourism, trade and connectivity between the two countries.

About four hundred Costa Ricans live in the Netherlands, but it is hard to keep track of the amount because a significant number of them are students getting a masters or doctorate degree, and they don’t always register in the Consulate. 

We hope to continue celebrating this strong connection for many more years to come! 

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