• Keeping our kids entertained during COVID-19

    One of the biggest challenges I faced when the pandemic struck the Netherlands in March was keeping my children entertained. School was cancelled and I was very busy answering Consular

    Published by Anna Maria Oduber
  • COVID-19 in the Kingdom of the Netherlands

    The coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) was first detected in the Netherlands towards the end of February 2020. Since the first confirmed case, the pandemic has caused a major impact on Dutch

    Published by Anna Maria Oduber
  • Olivia in Paris!

    Last October, Olivia came home with a library book about Paris. She told us she wanted to do a Scavenger hunt and find all the places in the book. We

    Published by Anna Maria Oduber
  • Sinterklaas

    Sinterklaas or “Saint Nicholas” is a tradition celebrated in the Netherlands and in a few other countries in Europe on December 5. Sinterklaas (a bishop with a long beard who

    Published by Anna Maria Oduber
  • Baking with children

    My children enjoy spending time with us in the kitchen. Particularly when the results are tasty desserts we can share! These are all classic easy recipes with basic ingredients most

    Published by Anna Maria Oduber

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